What is this about

All too frequently I read posts or comments suggesting that the market is dominated by the big end of town, Algorithms, HFT, access to information – legitimately acquired or otherwise.

These posters make a valid point, the playing field is not equal for everyone in the market and for the most part this means that big investors have a information advantage on small players. All is not lost, there are some parts of the market where small investors do have an advantage over large ones.

So where are small investors in front?

Dollars Returned, not Rates of Return, is what matters.

Well, if you are anything like me, when you really break it down, you are just trying to make enough money to comfortably, you aren’t chasing relative performance or trying to track an index.  In short you don’t have fundie levels of FUM, you have relatively small amounts of investment capital.

1 Share is all you need.

Many exploits are available to you just because you are on the register, not because of the size of your holding. This can give you a seat at the table participate a disproportionate level.

Structuring, it matters.

Tax, Structuring all are not as exciting as trying to find the next 10 bagger, but conducting your trading activities within the right legal entity can make a hell of a difference to your after tax returns.

The list goes on.

This site isn’t about getting rich quick, finding the next 10 bagger or getting richer simply by taking more risk.  This is about understanding that the market isn’t as efficient as the text books may make out and that for small fish there are enough opportunities out there that, if not eliminate risk, can substantially reduce it.

This is what we are here to do – highlight these opportunities available.

We are collaborators & we don’t profess to have enough eyes to cover the whole of the ASX, if you see opportunities or would like to contribute, please email us.

Health Warning

As word of warning, we aim to reduce risk, not eliminate it, things often go wrong or don’t perform as expected  with that in mind, we strongly encourage you to do your own research


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